255 Business Ideas to Steal

Because you're worth it.

One of the most common complaints from would be entreprenuers is ideas.

Anyone who wants to start their own business, either doesn't know where to start, or what to start. Honestly, once you know what you want to do, the rest tends to fall into place.

Most days, I write down 10 new business ideas to inspire the creative process and to help solve challenging problems.

Below, are 255 ideas from my ideas bank—some are good, some are bad and some are outrageous.

However, I'm confident that if you make it to the end of the list, you'll find ideas worth stealing (which, I encourage you to do) or ideas which you're inspired by.

1. Coffee Delivery Service
Deliveroo but for coffee, afterall, we're simple creatures.

2. Goal Picture Frames
Have goals or resolutions? Then look at them every day in picture form.

3. Subliminal Messaging App
Program yourself to do good and be even better with simple subliminal messaging.

4. Super Smart AC
Like a portable AC unit, but seriously portable.

5. Posture Analyser
An app that uses wearable to analyse your posture throughout the day.

6. Does it Exist?
A directory of all startups that exist around subject matters & topic areas.

7. Grounding Exercise App
Simple app that helps you remove electricity from your body with grounding exercises.

8. A Decent Beard and Body Trimmer
Seriously, there isn’t one of these that exists and that’s nothing short of a catastrophe.

9. Do I Smell?
An app that tells you if you smell or not (to avoid embarrassment).

10. Burnout Calculator?
Flagging? Not anymore, with the burnout calculator, you’ll know when to stop.

11. Health Insurance for Young People (UK)
Is there a way to encourage people to get health insurance and still be profitable?

12. Just Jack but for Health Insurance
Are we able to resell health insurance in a beautiful way to people?

13. Dental for Life
Are we able to ensure kids/newborns on an indefinite dental plan?

14. Don’t do it
Calculator that gives you a simple TL;DR of whether you should or shouldn’t do something (based on impacting life factors).

15. Monica CRM but Beautiful
Monica does a few things well, but it’s ugly as sin, I wonder if we could make a simpler more visually pleasing version.

16. Monica for iOS
Reads your contacts, pull them into a CRM that allows you to add notes.

17. Instant Review (Happn Style)
Realtime reviews for interactions with products or services.

18. Sketch for iPad
While this will be a tricky thing to do, it’ll be sick to be able to draw interfaces.

19. Wifi Optimiser
Little Mac app that takes all the Wifi nearby, figures out which is best and prompts you to connect to it.

20. Bartender for Chrome
Chrome extensions rock, but they get messy, having a Bartender for Chrome would make a big difference.

21. Redirector
Every time you take a negative action, you’re redirected to a positive one with a positive behaviour change.

22. Music Bundler
Is it possible to bundle Spotify, Pandora and all other music platforms into one unified bundle?

23. Auto-Organiser
Set a few simple rules and watch your computer automatically organise its files.

24. Day One for Habits & Goals
A daily journal tool similar to Day One, but with a greater focus on habits and goals.

25. Email Client for DMs
If you could essentially sync all social media accounts and have a unified inbox for DMS, that’d be amazing.

26. Dating Unifier
One app to rule them all, plug in your Tinder, Bumble and anything in between to send messages to everyone.

27. Air Quality App
Use your iPhone to figure out the quality of the air in the room you’re in and suggest improvements accordingly.

28. Quick Dexa
Take pictures of yourself using your iPhone (under specific pre–requisites) and get a rough idea of your current body fat.

29. Awkward
Your phone or Apple Watch records what you’re saying and when it detects you being awkward, it gently vibrates to notify you to stop.

30. Eavesdrop
Someone can open this app and essentially allow others to eavesdrop on a conversation, users can vibrate, comment and ping conversations.

31. Insider Tips
Private paid circle for insider tips, this could be in design, development or anything in between.

32. ICO Circle
Circle of investors funding ICOs in order to make big returns, invite and buy-in only (this would be a legal mess).

33. Blockchain Email App
Think Polymail, but with incentivisation to interact with your emails.

34. Laptop Club
Upgrade plans for laptops.

35. Inspire
Simple prompts and triggers to inspire people to be their best selves.

36. Ideas to Moon
Ways to get rich with legitimate tactics to get there, each idea is sold with a brand and strategy to launch.

37. Affinity Calculator
Calculate your affinity with friends, family and those around you through a pre–defined questionnaire.

38. Keybase + Telegram Hybrid
They both do great jobs of messaging, amalgamating these two would be a gigantic win.

39. Decode Complexity
A simple news site which decodes complex topics into layman terms anyone can interact with.

40. Crypto Awards
Awards for outstanding achievement in cryptocurrency/blockchain spaces.

41. Switching Cost
Identify the switching cost in channeling your energy in between focuses.

42. Metaphor
Find ways to explain complex problems using simple metaphors.

43. Doggy Socks
Little socks for your doggy that keeps their paws clean.

44. Goal Setting App
Figure out how to break down large complex goals into simpler steps you can take every day.

45. 2.0 Anything
Take things that exist and then create a 2.0 version of that.

46. Have Heart
Take smalls actions full of heart and incentivise these behaviours.

47. How to Talk
A simple, actionable course on how to talk effectively with others.

48. Night Hawk
An app for people who prefer to go to sleep in the early morning and wake up later in the day.

49. Happy Noises for Animals
Simple, subliminal and gentle messages that makes animals happy, quickly.

50. Actors and Systems
Understand how actors in certain industries behave and how to optimise systems around them.

51. Productivity Placebo
Believe you can do more by taking a sugar pill with clever marketing around it.

52. Sparkle Sparkle
Delicious sparkling water with minerals that make you sparkle inside and out.

53. Be Honest
Simple product that allows you to detect honesty or lies in voice/sentences.

54. Heroes App
Model yourself on specific heroes in each field without falling prey to evil.

55. Productivity Spread
A way to track your productivity based on a number of real factors.

56. Incredible Name Generator
Create company names, domain names and brand ideas with the click of a button.

57. Invest in Recycling
Every time you place a bottle (or similar) into special recycling banks, you gain a long term conservation bond.

58. Resignation Letter Generator
Quickly generate a resignation letter based on the severity of message you want to get across.

59. Haircut Simulator
VR games that allows you to simulate the joys of being a barber.

60. Sexy Version of Todoist
A purely aesthetic clone of Todoist specifically for aesthetes.

61. Healthy Instant Coffee
Current instant coffee is crap, a healthy version would be much appreciated.

62. Start a Business
Service that educates people on how simply start a business in any sector.

63. Keybase meets Life360
Chat groups designed with infallible security to keep your family safe.

64. Family Finder
An app that follows your family around and sends push notifications if they’re taking dangerous actions.

65. Alexa, Google, Apple AI
These smart bots seems to be the talk of the town, is there a way to mash all their API features into one?

66. Day Rater
Simple app that allows you to rate your days and take actionable steps to become even more awesome (curated by plugging in to APIs).

67. Calendar Checklist Tool
Tool like Fantastical that allows you to review notes and check off your performance  at the end of each day.

68. Calendar Meets Day One
CBT for calendars, scheduling and productivity, discover how you’ve really spent your time and how to improve your use of it.

69. Licensing Atlas Neue Events
Create a system where trusted representatives run the AN events in different locations across the globe.

70. People Skills App
App that gives you quick and simple insight into the people skills you need to use based on an upcoming scenario (date, business meeting etc.).

71. Pretty Pretty
A simple word processing tools that makes pretty documents for people looking for fast, simple solutions.

72. Coffee and TV
Inexpensive ideas for ways to relax and chill out.

73. Fantastic — Email
Combination of Fantastical and Polymail to make the ultimate productivity tool.

74. Be Honest
Earn rewards, points and special incentives by choosing to be honest vs. lying.

75. Lifelines App
Product which helps you find information, ask an audience or phone experts for advice.

76. Empath App
An app that teaches you how to understand and incorporate empathy into your daily life.

77. Sleepy Food for Dogs
Special food that helps your dog sleep, calm down and relax without being crazy.

78. Dog Signal App
A calming signal that can be played when your dog is in a high stress situation to make things better.

79. Breakup Phrases
Simple phrases to help you breakup with friends, girlfriends or anyone else causing a strain in your life.

80. VC Fund Framework
Starting your own VC fund quickly and simply with someone else’s framework for a flat fee.

81. Better Sleep Cycle
An app which is better at waking you up and helping you get to sleep by improving on Sleep Cycle.

82. Make it Dormant
Simple service that makes UK companies dormant quickly, for a small fee.

83. Restart, Rewind, Revive
Simple ideas to live a better life through soft analytics of non–critical scenarios.

84. Todo-list Freedom
An app that culls your todo-list based on a series of simple qualifying questions.

85. Disappearing Todo-list
Any actions left on your todo list that aren’t complete after a certain amount of time are purged.

86. Elocution App
Learn how to speak nicely through the simple correction of pronunciation based on your speech patterns.

87. Stand for You
A product that allows you to write down what defines you, and the core values that you live by.

88. Idea Trends
Dump ideas into a program and it’ll define if there are any trends in these lists.

89. Voice Modulator
App that turns your voice into hilarious public figure voices (there might be some legal implication here).

90. Money Money Money
Ideas for how to generate income in any initiative based on common (and uncommon) methodologies.

91. New Worlds
Like-minded people getting together to create new sustainable worlds/cities for themselves to live in.

92. Group Architecture/Building
Groups of people getting together to hire architects to build incredibly things they can live in/rent/show-off to friends and family.

93. Sponsor Program
Is there a way to sponsor people to meet their goals in life, and then take a small commission from their success?

94. Item Hunt
App which identifies the items you have in a room, listing them for sale.

95. Garage Sale VR
Enjoy the fun of a garage sale from the comfort of your own home.

96. Morning Block
App that allows you to focus on your morning routine, blocking all distractions till you're done.

97. You’re Ready Checklist
Simple app that will turn any complex and tricky initiative into a checklist for optimal performance.

98. Minimal Chair
A small minimal chair that’s great for posture, but non-intrusive to the rest of the world.

99. Ergonomic Macbook
Simple case that makes your MBP more ergonomic to use.

100. Quick Design Feedback
Pay to get quick design feedback from on why your section or comp isn’t working.

101. Does this Outfit Work?
Post a picture and get quick response from fashionista’s for a monthly subscription fee.

102. Is my Dog Sleeping?
Dog collar that sends you notifications based on the actions your dog is taking throughout the day.

103. Alexa Roomba
An Alexa type product that does more than be an annoying voice, it has talents too.

104. Spotify Addons
A marketplace for developers to sell skills and powerups on the Spotify platform.

105. Depressions Analyser
Smart voice app which detects the subtle tones in peoples voice to see if they’re depressed or not.

106. Sparkling Water Bottle
A bottle that takes regular water and makes it sparkle in a simple non-intrusive way.

107. No Darkness
Glasses that make it always appear to be light outside even when it’s dark.

108. E-Cig with Vitamins
E-Cig liquid with fantastic health benefits, rich in wonderful antioxidants.

109. Aggression Monitor
Like a blood pressure monitor or similar, but for aggression.

110. Hi-Drate
Places to find water and say hello to people.

111. 1Password by Default
A built in 1Password system (or similar) built in to Apple and Android phones for maximum security.

112. Positive Messaging
Improve your outlook on life with a positive messaging/energy app.

113. Energy App
Small ideas and hacks to improve your energy each and every day.

114. Idea Notes
Notebooks specifically designed to note down insights and cause your mind to start thinking of ideas.

115. Beautiful Daylite App
Daylite plugs in calendars, CRMs and email clients too , but it's not the prettiest app.

116. Desk with Built in  Touch Screen Keyboard
Because, why not?

117. Fresh Fruit Daily
Like Deliveroo, but for fruit and other nice items from a supermarket.

118. Hug Timer
Discrete timer on your wearables that calculate how long you’ve been hugging someone & if you need more hugs.

119. Memory Hacks
Subtle ways to learn and memorise things in explicitly simple detail.

120. Less = More
An app that shows you how to get more from less and how less is more.

121. Arthritis Exercises
Simple exercise to prevent and ultimately ease the growing pains of arthritis.

122. Screen2Screen
Communicate screen to screen with anyone in the world, like Skype but with a fun touch screen twist.

123. Broker
An iOS platform to allow people to broker crypto currency deals where the fee is taken internally.

124. Highlights
App that asks you to take at least one picture a day to show highlights of your day/week.

125. Ideas Vault
Ideas vault that allows you to put ideas into little ‘safes’ to come back to in the future.

126. Thought of it First
Internet database of ideas, allowing credit to be given to people who thought of it first.

127. Abstract or Github for Writing
Version control for copy or prose to create a source of truth.

128. Friend Trip
Everyone in your circle of friends puts money into a pot, that money is then used for trips or similar.

129. Holiday Roulette
Add your credit card details and get automatically billed for a random holiday at cost price value.

130. Freelay
Piggyback off  of deliveries already headed to your area (for free) when purchasing from certain stores etc.

131. Household Meals
Family meals for your household delivered by 6am everyday to feed your whole family.

132. Importance Echo
Push notifications echoing words, actions or similar that you want to stick over and over throughout the day.

133. Whyorrhea?
An app that figures out why you have diarrhoea and how to fix this.

134. Signet
Little virtual gifts sent to friends using either cryptocurrency or fiat.

135. Honey, I Love you
Simple message and kind words sent to your other half when they’re down.

136. Gifts for Daddy
Gift ideas for your father on their special day.

137. OCEAN Analyser
Simple app that tracks someone’s behaviour, offering you an OCEAN analysis in return.

138. Understand
Breaking down the intricacies of high-level skills you're yet to understand.

139. Finder on Steroids
A more robust finder system that allows you to kick ass while living the Mac life.

140. Twomoil
Better understand the turmoil of two people in a rocky relationship.

141. The End
Simple ways to overcome the idea of dying and how to live the fullest life you can.

142. Wear and Tear
Note down natural wear and tear on your body with ways to prioritise fixing this.

143. You’re Gonna be Late
Tell you way in advance (if possible) that based on your current trajectory, that you’re going to be late.

144. Techwear Suit
Incredible suits fashioned from techwear products, allowing for maximum mobility.

145. Setup Packages
Moved into a new home or running out of amenities? A package will be delivered to your door with everything you need.

146. LinkedIn for Advisors
Find advisors for your business, find out what they want in return and then hire them for your business.

147. Personality Test for Business Partners
Most businesses fail because of founders, a pre-founding personality test could make a killing here.

148. Dating App for Entrepreneurs
People want more substance but are too busy to find substance, this app fills and fixes that problem.

149. Air Filtering Curtains
Air quality is poor, people need clean air and everyone has curtains — I wonder if there’s a way to combine these together?

150. Pollution Monitor
App on your phone or watch that monitors pollution in the surrounding areas.

151. Crypto/Fiat Wallet
Wallet that enables you to make crypto and fiat payments.

152. Echelon
An app for HNWI's that allows them to network and exchange deals etc.

153. Medium Style Text Editor
WP plugin that enables you to edit blog content as if it were a Medium blog.

154. Contact Referral Scheme
Using clever technology to track referralsand gain commission for doing so.

155. Unscar
Creams or supplements that remove obvious scars and help people live more aesthetic lives.

156. Wakeup Bracelet
Bracelet to encourage people to wakeup on time by creating a vibration or mild shock that eases people into waking up.

157. uPort for Reputation
A reputation system (similar to Facebook login) that allows you to access services based on your reputation on the blockchain.

158. Sticky Facts
Key pieces of information you’ll need to know on a certain subject, delivered in a way that’s likely to stick.

159. Tokenised Recycling
Tokenise and encourage people to recycle by issuing tokens for correctly filled bins.

160. Gyroscope on Blockchain
Unique identifiers for your health, tokenising the improvement of your health and reducing medical costs etc.

161. Life360 on the Blockchain
Unique identifiers for families on the blockchain, being rewarded with tokens for being outstanding citizens.

162. Blockchain Lottery
No idea how this would work, but there must be a way to effectively set this up and move forwards.

163. Hair Colour Shampoo
Colour your hair by simply shampooing it, a wonderfully simple and easy.

164. Icon Roulette
Randomise your Mac icons to relate to other hilarious applications on your desktop.

165. Micro-Dust Blower
A small pen-sized dust blower to remove dust from everything that gets dusty.

166. Ideas Paper
Paper that’s more robust than normal paper, with special attributes to generate ideas (colours, textures etc.)

167. Cat Locater
App that shows you all nearby cats in your local area so you can hug them and show them love.

168. Wabi Sabi Clothes
Clothes designed and inspired by the Wabi Sabi art direction of the Japanese.

169. Unbreakable Dog Toys
Chew toys (or similar) for dogs that are fun to play with, but absolutely unbreakable.

170. Art Direction Analyser
Analyse the art direction of a piece of work, defining what the style represents and the original purveyors of said style.

171. Suit Shopper
Handsome suits hand-picked by an AI.

172. OCEAN Analyser
Scan conversations and define the OCEAN attributes of the person you’re speaking with.

173. Alexa Skills for Businesses
Alarms, conference calls  etc.

174. Smart Skin Mirror
Analyse your skin, giving advice on how to tangibly improve your appearance.

175. No BS Fitness Site
Site that guides you towards specific exercises to help you achieve your goals and to improve your ability.

176. Simple Flexibility Routines
Routines that allows you to become hyper flexible with less pain.

177. Gyroscope for Mood
A life tracking app specifically focused on overcoming mood issues and solving depression for all parties.

178. Semblance for Understanding
Bitesize videos or speeches that give you a semblance of understanding for a given choice or topic.

179. Relevant News
Aggregator for highly tailored relevant news dependent on your interests + job etc.

180. AutoStylist
AI driven stylist given your body type, goals and stylistic preferences overall.

181. Modern Wallet
Wonderfully styled wallets designed for both cash, card and everything else a modern person would need.

182. Formal Techwear
Techwear inspired formal clothes for ninja that needs to network (these clothes would look sick).

183. Sprint Planning Kit
Simple kit to plan sprints for both your personal and business life.

184. Knowledge Angel
Experts that give you advice based on an issue you’re currently facing.

185. Passionate Ideas
Tool to help take what you’re passionate about, condensing that down into simple business ideas.

186. Oxygen for Ideas
Application that allows you to get ideas in front of users who'll test them.

187. Modern Wall Sockets
The world is full of archaic wall sockets…having real, useful sockets would make a massive difference.

188. Wifi Disk Burner
A tool that burns disks quickly and easily, sending these details to you over wi-fi.

189. Blinkist Style Novels
Rather than blinks of each book, combine all relevant books into one novel with huge amounts of useful, applicable information.

190. Brush that Measures Hair Growth
Bound to be useful for those with thinning hair, or those wanting to grow hair.

191. No Product Brush
A hairbrush that styles and makes hair look great without the use of any hair product.

192. Movement Tracker Blockchain
Technology that tracks the movement of specific parties, storing this data within a blockchain.

193. SaaS for Culture Fit
Products that help employers logically vet candidates for culture fit.

194. Culture Book Generator
Type in your company values and have a book printed with those values within it.

195. Self-Awareness App/Videos
Products specifically designed to improve overall self-awareness + happiness.

196. RPG Style Personal Skills
Conduct actions, have them tracked and watch your personal skills level-up.

197. Human OS
Your humanOS—sleep, diet, exercise.

198. Smart Contract Stakes
A stakes app that utilises immutable, legal smart contracts.

199. CharityDAO
A DAO which is purely designed to assign and allocate money to charitable initiatives.

200. AdoptingDAO
DAO for orphaned children to help them find foster parents or adopted parents.

201. Accredited Education on Blockchain
Track and accurately represent the world’s education on the blockchain.

202. Educational Currency
Cryptocurrency issues based on academic performance.

203. Referral Syndicate
Vouch for quality services to your network, get referral fees for doing so.

204. Talent Bridge
A platform for HNWI's to access quality talent.

205. Incredible Talent App
Find incredible talent in various fields across the world.

206. Mood Scanner
Take a photo of someone (or a short video) and allow the app to tell you about their mood.

207. Ankle Mat
A standing desk mat to help people with poor ankles get better ankles.

208. HRV Ring
Ring that lets you know what your HRV is, how it’s doing and whether or not you need to change the way you’re living your life.

209. Pseudo
Quick exercise or actions to give you pseudo skills and talents.

210. Ergonomic Back Cushions
Cushions for people who spend time sitting at a sofa, or another location where these would be beneficial.

211. Walk Modifier
Shoes that cause your body to burn more calories or alter the way you walk in a beneficial manner.

212. Tasty Diet Protein Shake
A delicious diet protein shake that plays nicely with water and tastes great in the process.

213. Family Social Network
A place for people to talk to and make memories with their family.

214. Logo Inspiration Books
Wonderful books to create incredible inspiration for logos that designers are working on.

215. Motivational Art Posters
Gorgeous motivational art posters to encourage people to change the world.

216. Music for Creativity
Think Brain.fm but for creativity.

217. Fire Inside
An app that encourages you to remain passionate and powerful for the things that matter most to you.

218. Personal Encouragement Coach
App that sends you reminders when you encouraging reminders when you need them most.

219. Beautiful Compliments
Beautiful compliments you can give to people you care about.

220. Daily Challenge App
An app that sends you a random daily challenge based on your needs and interests.

221. I am Fear
An app to help you overcome fear and move past the blockers holding you back in life.

222. The Value of Investment
Allow people to size up opportunity cost and the value of investmenting in these opportunities.

223. Doggy Jackets
Cool customisable jackets for doggies.

224. Sales Lead Gen Tool
Tool that allows you to invite sales people to sell stuff for you.

225. Nice Odour Food
Food that improves the smell of you, your pets and anything in between.

226. Scar Healing Kit
Simple tools or creams to reduce and hopefully remove the appearance of scars.

227. Decentralised Support Group
Support group that allows members to talk about and voice their problems and concerns without being identified.

228. Decentralised Counselling
Get counselling anonymously, in a way that’s both supportive and legal on all accounts.

229. Decentralised Doctor
Smart contracts to confirm the doctor is a doctor and the prescription is a prescription.

230. Decentralised Spotify
Music distributed using blockchain technology in a DAO structure.

231. Decentralised Ebay
Ebay with a trust system built on smart contracts, allowing items to be bought and sold without trust.

232. Decentralised Family
Create a DAO for your family that only you have access to.

233. Personal Networking App
Allow people to integrate you into their network through a matchmaking type service.

234. App that Rewards you with Coupons for Eating Well
Think MFP, but with an element of gamification to support you eating well.

235. App that Gets Kids Thinking About Mental Health
Give kids the tools to learn about mental health from an early age.

236. Self-Awareness App
Build self-awareness in people through activities that are analytical.

237. App that allows you to Delay Messages
Whether it’s social or otherwise, create an app that allows you to schedule or batch send social messages.

238. Add Open Source Projects to a Decentralised GH
Incentivise people to create open source projects by allowing them to monetise these projects through a DAO.

239. Kickstarter for Problem Solving
Post issues you’re having and allow users to post said solution for equity.

240. Success Stakes
Bet on your success in school, or other areas of life with a smart contract that rewards the success of others.

241. Parenting Classes on the Blockchain
Track people going to parenting classes and receiving tokens or tax-relief for doing so.

242. Buying Syndicate
Allow yourself and a group of others to create a syndicate to buy services in bulk.

243. Chat App that Functions Like Email
Delay sending, tag conversations and create a new way to  manage your work and life harmoniously.

244. Location Based Action App
App that sends you push notifications and reminders to do certain tasks based on your location.

245. State Channel for Businesses
Batch a tonne of transactions within a state channel, at the end of a day/week etc. review these and push the information live.

246. Waze on the Blockchain
Tokenise driving habits to reinforce better behaviours.

247. Industry Insider App
Whispers from industry insiders for things to look out for , like telegram but specfic.

248. Blockchain Business Marketplace
Proposals are put forward, the best proposals are put in motion, and then assigned to teams who're able to implement them.

249. Decentralised Evernote
Your thoughts, feelings, notes and journals stored in a decentralised database where you’re in control.

250. Achievement App
Create your own achievements and goals, rewarding yourself when they’re hit (think Xbox style).

251. Tracking Spray
Spray what you own with a tracking spray which is impossible to remove and allows you to see the location of the item, forever.

252. Sensor that Records Dreams
Sensor that records your dreams and allows you to play them back to you.

253. Smart Contract Invoicing Software
Invoices created with smart contracts which are enforceable by consensus, paradigms and milestones.

254. One Minute Dating App
App where you get one minute to chat with someone over the phone or similar.

255. Get Wealth Managers
Opposite of wealth managers, geared towards people looking to become wealthy.

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