Transform Time into Impact

It doesn’t take a harvard degree or an aristocratic background to achieve incredible results.

What it takes, is impact.

This is true for all of the great leaders in this world, no matter who they are, they’re incredible at focusing on what matters most and turning their time into impact.

With Byozo, you’ll create a system that does just that.

You’ll no longer fight to clear a todo list, instead, you’ll start transforming your time into impact.

Byozo Pipeline on iOSByozo focus mode on iOS

Only focus on what’s most important to you, when it’s most important to you.

Give your time meaning by justifying your focus and the impact it’ll have in return.

Review your progress over time through an interactive journal that documents itself.

I didn’t want to like it, I’ve always lived in lists and being busy is my trademark. With Byozo, I did more by focusing on less and surprisingly, it worked.
Stephan Tual—Former CCO of Ethereum (valued at $20bn)